A Hardship License, sometimes called a Cinderella license, is permission granted by the Registry of Motor Vehicles, (“RMV”), to drive for twelve hours a day for the purposes of work, education or other necessity. There are designated waiting periods before you can apply for a hardship license based on how many prior OUIs you have. When you attend the hearing at the RMV, you must bring evidence of your hardship, usually a letter from your employer stating that you need to drive for work and a Hearing Officer will conduct a hearing and make a determination. Having an OUI lawyer present for this hearing can help tremendously. There are also very small windows of time in which you may appeal RMV decisions and the appeal must be carefully drafted for your best chance of successfully appealing the decision. Your license is important, put it in an experienced OUI attorney’s hands. Contact MacLellan Law Firm for a free OUI or RMV consultation.

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