Boston Personal Injury LawyerPeople are injured as a result of others’ negligence every day.  These injuries can range from minor to very serious and they can disrupt your life and finances.  At MacLellan Law Firm, we work to alleviate the stress created by being the victim of someone else’s negligence and take the reins to navigate the process for you.

It is important to contact MacLellan Law Firm immediately after an accident so that we can make sure that the case is handled properly from the start.

MacLellan Law Firm handles the following types of cases as well as others:

Car/Motorcycle/Vehicle Accidents:
Many people involved in auto accidents are immediately contacted by insurance companies who attempt to settle the claim for a minimal amount of money, sometimes before you have even finished your medical treatment.  At MacLellan Law Firm we follow your medical treatment to ensure that you have received all necessary medical care and then we begin the negotiations with the insurance companies based on your injuries, not  the insurance company’s bottom line.  Accident victims represented by counsel on average receive much higher settlements than persons who deal with the insurance companies on their own.  Call MacLellan Law Firm for a free consultation: 617-980-5999

Premises Liability:
These cases include Slip and Falls, Snow and Ice Falls, Negligent Security, and Defects in Premises.  If you have been injured on the property of a business or another person, contact MacLellan Law Firm for a free consultation: 617-980-5999.

Alcohol and Drug Related Accidents:
If you have been injured at a Restaurant or Bar due to the negligence of the employees or security, or were injured as a result of a bar fight, call MacLellan Law Firm for a free consultation: 617-980-5999.